Wow!!  Thanksgiving is here. I am very excited. Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays. I know I know, I sound very greedy when I say this, and it is fine. I feel greedy and I am ok with that LOL. All jokes aside Thanksgiving brings back so many cherish able  memories, of my childhood, into my teenage years, and from my teenage years into my adulthood. Every year thanksgiving makes me reflect on the year that I had, because to me the year is basically over when thanksgiving ends.

I have a strange way of looking at this I guess, this year ends thing when thanksgiving ends, but to me it makes sense. After Thanksgiving you have Black Friday, yes I named Black Friday, because to many people, being able to shop. Is a holiday within itself. Then you have Christmas which comes super fast, (make sure to come back to the blog around Christmas) I will be sharing so many stories for you about my FAVORITE holiday. Getting back on track after Christmas is my fathers Birthday, and then New Years. So hopefully you see why I feel that the year is over when Thanksgiving passes. If you don't its ok lol. 

Last year at this time I was in a position that I was not used to. I was on my second contract with Carnival cruise lines, I was contracted to be on the ship from Nov-Feb. That means that I did not spend Thanksgiving with family. That was difficult. First of all I was in a flourishing long distance relationship, we had not seen each other in over 2 months at the time but was counting the days until we could see each other, and not having the chance to spend my first Thanksgiving with her physically made me sad, and also made me miss her even more. Secondly I was not used to missing Thanksgiving with my family period. I am a huge family person,  and to me you just don't get that time of creating memories back. I was very appreciative of the efforts Carnival gave to make Thanksgiving feel normal but it was not the same. 

My Thanksgiving used to consist of my family and I eating at two places, both sets of my grandparents. It was super fun, to think of it puts a smile on my face. As time moved on our family is now down to only one side of grandparents.Because both my grandmother and grandfather on my mothers side passed away. The memories still continue though. We would prepare food on Thanksgiving eve. Yes I used to cook, I used to make Homemade dinner rolls, ham, sometimes greens, you know I added to the feast lol, but getting back on track, I would wake up to my family, laughing, cracking jokes, dancing, watching the football games and of course eating awesome food. I can't wait to eat mac and cheese, greens, turkey, ham, stuffing, mashed potatoes and gravy, cornish hens, corn, baked bean casserole, salad, pasta salad, fresh dinner rolls, sweet potato pie and so many desserts. 

Thanksgiving has always provided me the opportunity to reflect, on the year, and gets me prepared for the following year. This year has had so many great moments,  some very challenging moments and sad moments. I am looking forward to creating fun memorable memories with family this year though on Thanksgiving.

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