The First Release

Well my first single release was "Fire it up" I released it 2 years ago. I was very excited to have released this single, because I considered it my work. This song has come along way and it is still getting better. I originally wrote the song to a pop track at 4am. A track that I received free online. I was excited, and I felt that I had created a hit song. I remember telling my brother Doc Blues that I had wrote a number 1 billboard charting song, and that it was time for us to plan on being on the big stage, with the big lights and the big crowd. My other brother X (Deric) would laugh in support, as all 3 of us would jump around saying it's time, like we were in high school getting ready for a football game.

Well it all sounded good, The reality was I didn't have the music for the song yet. I didn't own the rights to the track I had written too, I didn't know the BPM to the track and I didn't have the stems to even sing over the track to be mixed properly. I was stuck, but I wasn't stuck for long. An opportunity came along for me that I needed a band for, and that opportunity was me headlining The World Famous BB.Kings in times square. (I have a lot of stories and I am good at getting off track so I will tell you about my BB Kings experience in one of my next Blog entries). The irony of this was that I performed "Fire it up" at the show. I know your asking me how did you do that song with no track. Easy the band helped me create the track. 

After the show I began working with the keyboard player. We worked on the track and created something very nice. He was awesome to work with and he and I created a very nice track,  but I felt that the track needed more needed more life. So I decided to start the song from scratch and create the beat with my software. I had to get all of these sounds out of my head. There were a lot learning curves, to say the least but I worked on that track literally day and night.

Once the track was finished I mixed and mastered the track, and began letting people hear it for approval. I received a lot of positive feedback on the song so I decided to release it to Spotify. Sad thing is my song totally flopped. I was expecting it to just be noticed, I put all this work on the track and didn't give notice to the promotion side of things. I used to be very very terrible at social media. Now I have a better understanding as to what I need to do.

So here I am now promoting my song "Fire it Up because for one it's a great song, 2. I am releasing another version, and 3. I have a strong follow up song coming after it, so now I have a plan. On Spotify I have over 2,000 monthly listeners with the song and over 1000 followers and that number is growing thanks to wonderful fans like yourself. Go to the videos section of the website and check out the acoustic version of the song "Fire it up." The video and the remix of the song will be out shortly as well so be on the lookout. Now I feel the Big Stage, Big lights and Big crowd is within reach.


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