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Thank You for joining me again. It is amazing to see how my blog is growing with viewers.  I am happy to be able to share my life, and growth with others. I have promised to answer questions that have been asked, so I am going to continue with that.

1. What were you like in High School? HAHA High School. WOW. I was a very popular student in high school, BUT that came with a cost. I was very outgoing, competitive beyond measure, very forgetful, very social, hands on, supportive, and driven. I have a story for each one of these statements too.

The outgoing me would talk to anyone, make sure that the students, and teachers were having good days in school, cracking jokes with my classmates, and team mates. I was also responsible for running school errands for the teachers. My duty was to hand out the dreaded green slip, for students to come to the principles office. You could also find me sweeping the gym floor for the gym teacher.

I was very competitive. Seriously. It used to be bad. Everything to me was a competition for the most part. There were rules of engagement though. I wasn't trying to compete against team mates during games for better stats, or trying to upstage them. That wasn't fair in the world of competing, but everything else was fair game. If you challenged me in something then you better bring your "A" game because I had the mentality that I wasn't going to lose. I didn't care if we were playing cards, a board game, a video game, trivia, or basketball. I was determined not to lose. It's funny looking back at those times because I realize that I had a serious problem. I just enjoyed competing, I would play basketball at lunch time, and get so caught up in the game, that I would forget to bring my books to class. I would at least make it too class on time. I hated going to class sweaty and hot. I couldn't do that, so I made sure to dry off, and put on a fresh shirt, before entering my next class. Notice that I said I forgot to take my books to class. I used to leave my books on the lunchroom table, and I would not remember to grab them while running to be on time for class most days. I also used to forget to take my homework home after football, basketball, and track practice. My short term memory was wack. I have a great long term memory though. smh. Go figure. Just in case anyone is wondering YES I still definitely passed all my classes, and graduated with honors. I just made it harder for myself than I should have.

I was a very social person in high school. Pretty much got along with everyone. My friends and I even had what you would call a high school frat called "AP" I still don't know what "AP" meant till this day. I feel like we got the name from a movie or something, and rolled with it. It was fun to have our own little clique. We weren't bullies. We were the opposite of bullies actually. We actually would bully each other in weird ways, like playing punching games, or funny games like spin the bottle, and if it landed on you then you had to go do something funny like sing my little tea cup in front of the cheerleaders. What great memories.

I feel like me being social gave me a bad reputation sometimes, because it would be taken out of content as I was being flirtatious. In high school, I did win The most flirtatious award from my peers. SMH. One of the many awards that I won. I actually didn't like that I won that one though. I wasn't flirtatious. I was nice to people. It would frustrate me that because I was nice to people and smiled that I was labeled a flirt. I am a libra, so if your into astrology at all you will find that trait in many libra's, but it doesn't mean that we are flirting. I wasn't always flirting. I was being nice. My peers also voted me the most athletic so I guess the competitive side of myself prevailed.

2. If you couldn't sing or you were not an athlete, What career would you do? This question is a good one. My answer to this is that I would continue to help inspire the youth. Kids are so innocent, and want direction. They want structure. They want consistency. Even if they don't know it at the time. I feel that there are too many cases where the youth are neglected and they lose their trust in life period. One of my most rewarding jobs that I held onto was working for the Buckeye Ranch where I was a youth counselor and case manager at a residential mental health facility. I actually felt during my time that I was making a difference in youth's lives. To see some of the things that a youth has to go through at that age when they should be focused on just being a kid is sad. I saw that the youth were forced to grow up too fast but was not equipped for it. The thing that bothered me the most was seeing the treatments that were delivered for the child, and meds prescribed to them for something like hypertension. When the real problem for hypertension was given the child more time to run around outside. I mean I love animals (dogs are my favorite) but in my opinion our kids should be allowed as much time to run around as we value walking our dogs. These kids have energy that they will get rid of in some way. Unfortunately a lot of times they decide to make bad decisions with that extra energy or lack of attention shown to them. That follows them into adulthood. I get very passionate about this. This subject is definitely one where my stubbornness comes out. When I get on the BIG stage, with the BIG lights , and the BIG crowds, I will use my influence to bring more awareness to this.

You have all been reading my blogs so I will make this part of my blog interactive, to see who is getting to know me better. I will give you 2 lies and 1 truth. Who can guess my truth.

1. After a great performance I truly enjoy grabbing a beer and relaxing.

2. I used to quite jobs mid shift just to play a game of basketball.

3. My cousin was an outstanding swimmer, he challenged me to a swim race, and I won.


Thank you for tuning in. I am looking forward to seeing the answers.



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  • Chris Medina

    Chris Medina Florida

    A Libra here too!⚖️ As always Thanks for sharing.❤️

    A Libra here too!⚖️ As always Thanks for sharing.❤️

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