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Thank you for taking the time to read my new blog. I want to start this out by plugging my new song "High on me." I am so glad that I was able to release this song, that I wrote last December. With this song, I wanted to have a more upbeat, and happy feeling song. I feel like in life we focus a lot on the negative, and forget that we have a lot of positives. At the end of the day, all we need to do is smile. 

I am definitely guilty of this way of thinking. I am a person that works on personal growth every day, and I am not perfect. I've made decisions at times that weren't the best decisions, but they are decisions that I can fix, and get better at, and you can too. Let's all be better every day. 

"High on You" was a process once I decided that I wanted to release the song. I began the song with the synth line. I wanted the synth of the song to be very noticeable. I then created the drum pattern with a double kick and built around the drum with all the other instruments then I sent the track to my engineer/producer Torrey Bryd. Torrey then let me know what I was missing within the beat and added on his flavor to the song. Torrey then mixed the song. I felt that the drums needed to be changed, so Torrey made that adjustment on his end. I was not sure about my vocal after the drum change, so I went back and recorded my vocal parts again. 

Once the song was completed, Torrey mastered and sent it over to me for release. I liked the track but felt that the song could go in another direction. So I stripped the beat, kept my vocals and sent the track to Craig Powe to work on a remix version. Craig then sent his version of the track back to me. I listened to the track and decided to send it to Dj Blendz, Q dog, and Jon Jones, and Chris Boyd for their professional opinions. They all provided great feedback. Craig listened to the feedback and finished the track. Now we have "High on You" 

I will also be releasing the other version of the song, that was created with Torrey at a later date, as a bonus track to my followers and supporters. I am blessed to have good people in my corner during this process. Special Thanks to Torrey Bryd, Craig Powe, Dj Blendz, Q dog, Jon Jones, and Chris Boyd for being apart of the creation of the track. 

"High on You" Chorus Lyrics. 
I was so "High on You" 
But you didn't know it 
You were "High on me 
Never did you show it 
We were missing love 
So baby let me make you smile, smile, smile, smile 
We were in between 
A kind of love we missed 
So we were in feeling 
That cycle never ends 
We were missing love 
So baby let me make you smile, smile , smile, smile. 

I have attached the lyrics to the chorus. Click on the link to sing along. https://urlgeni.us/spotify/VdV8 

I will now continue with my Copenhagen story. So once in Copenhagen, I felt that I needed to explore. My bandmates and I were allowed to take the hop on hop off bus for free since we were with the band, I had always seen these buses in New York City, but I had never ridden on one. So this was the time to ride one. The first destination was unknown. We didn't' know where we were heading. We were just excited to be in Copenhagen. I am a city guy, and I love buildings, so when I saw a bunch of buildings in my view, I felt that it was time to get off, and the band agreed. 

The area was nice. There were a lot of little cafe's and restaurants, and there was also shopping, a lot of shopping. I was not in Copenhagen to shop, but when I saw Zara, I had to see what they had, and I was very impressed with the selection of men's blazers. I was also impressed with the prices. I bought a blazer, pants, shirt, and socks for 100 bucks. I was winning. 

After we left the store, we did not know how to find the hop on, hop off the bus, so we decided to walk. That was a terrible idea. We felt that we were closer than we actually were. It took us 2 and a half hours, to get back to the ship. It's safe to say that during the month that I spent in Copenhagen I did figure out how to use the hop on, hop off bus. 

 Every place that I was able to visit in Europe I collected a magnet. Unfortunately, in Copenhagen, I forgot to purchase a magnet. I procrastinated, I pushed it back, I told myself that I would get it the next time. Ultimately no magnet. Overall Copenhagen was an amazing place.

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