Who is Chuck Starr Part 14

Hello Everyone, I have been going back and forth on what to write. How to address everyone. How to keep everyone's attention, especially with this virus, and while I've been trying to figure this out, I realize that I am losing days of not posting at all. To be exact my last "Who is Chuck Starr" post was May of 2019. WOW! Almost a year ago. There has been so much that has happened in the past year that I am realizing just how fast time is moving, and also how much I am losing time by trying to be perfect. Trying to create the perfect post for my blog or Facebook. Trying to finish and release the perfect song. Trying to build a perfect relationship. Trying to post the perfect photos on IG. Trying to be the perfect performer. I am realizing that perfect isn't the key. Consistency is the key. Being genuine, being myself is key. 

I realize that I struggle to show the world who I am because I get in my own way. My own way of thinking. My own way of feeling. I am a very hands-on person. I like to interact in person. I want you to look into my eyes in person, and feel my heart. You can shake my hand in person and feel my intentions. Those traits are hard to get out on a photo or a video, and I struggle with that. I love to laugh and joke and play games. I enjoy traveling, singing, performing. I love writing songs. I love playing basketball. I love watching sports. I love family and family time. I love having alone time, but I also enjoy being around people. I have a lot of energy on most times. I am a night owl. I think a lot. I am definitely always in my head. I get insecure about things. I lose my focus. I procrastinate. I come up with what I call great ideas and plans. I get excited about the plans with the intention to execute the plan, but I don't follow through. I still remain positive. I am a dreamer. I have goals that I want to accomplish and I will accomplish. I enjoy eating healthy, but I love milkshakes, M&MS, ice cream, homemade brownies, strawberry shortcake, pancakes, pizza, a nice sandwich. I literally can eat pizza every day if you let me. I enjoy the summer more than any other season. I love Christmas time. I love music. I love the process of creating music. I love Jesus. I am very devoted to my faith.

There are a lot of things that I left off this blog that I will share with you. That was on purpose because I will continue to write more blogs and I will dive deeper into me. I am just happy and blessed to be able to share on a platform with you. I definitely have a story to tell. So buckle up. This is going to be a very very fun ride.

Thank You for Your time. I wanted to keep this short and sweet. To the point, but more is coming. Have a blessed day.

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