I know your scared. To settle down. A broken past. Has let you down. Take your time. And you will see. That if it's true love. You'll come back to me. ” - "Come Back"

Chuck Starr


Born in Columbus Ohio, on October 13, Chuck Starr was raised by his parents, who taught him and his younger brothers how to be respectful, and was brought up within the foundations of faith and family afforded by The Living Faith Apostolic Church, for which the parents sung in the choir and served as choir director. As early as junior high school, Chuck was singing in church. “I have been building my career since I was a little boy,” Chuck explains, “because singing had always been what I wanted to do. At first I thought about playing [professional] football, then I wanted to play basketball, but in the end it was all about the music. It’s my biggest passion and my biggest joy.” 

Chuck took an unconventional route with music but a route that helped him hone his skills. He was hired as the Lead Male singer for Carnival cruise lines. Chuck excelled in his first contract becoming the number 1 male lead vocalist withing the fleet. "Working with Carnival and performing for a different crowd every 3-4 days, of all ages and ethnicity, 's really given me the skills and confidence to perform and make music for everyone" Chuck went on to take another position with the B.B Kings ALL Star Band, where he was also the Lead Male vocalist. Chuck thrived in that position and released 4 singles to all streaming and social platforms (Come Back)  (Outta My Head) (Dreamgirl) (High On You) Chuck Starr is now working on an album and touring.